Boarding Institutions

For an educated future

Boarding Institutions

Hamidiye Foundation works to create better education opportunities for deserving children by offering them opportunities to stay in its boarding institutions.Hamidiye’s boarding institution model provides clean comfortable living environment that is conducive to learning and studying, where students get healthy nourishing food, receive after school tuition, get opportunity to learn foreign languages, play sports, have access to healthy entertainment, learn about Islam, and live their lives by Islamic values. Special attention is paid to children’s physical and mental development as well as their progress in schools through attachment to mentors.


What is so special about our boarding institutions?

Each child is attached to a “mentor” who takes personal care of all needs of the child. Children stay in the designated boarding institutions based on their age groups. Children live like an extended family under close supervision. They learn manners, respect for elders, how to be a good Muslim, and how to be a good law abiding productive citizen.

How does our program work?


Students live in boarding institutions that provide a high standard of residential accommodation and facilities.


Every student is attached to a Mentor who is responsible for ensuring the child’s well-being growth and academic development throughout the program.


We take great care of children’s nutrition needs by providing good nourishing meals.


We send them to good local government or private schools.


We closely monitor children’s academic progress.


We arrange for the transport of children between the boarding institution and their respective school every day.


We check to see that our children get back to the boarding institution on time after school.


Languages: We teach students Arabic, Turkish, English, and Urdu language.


We provide in-house after-school tuition in key subjects so that our children may excel in the classes


We take care of children’s health issues and provide them with free medical care.


We take care of their physical development by encouraging participation in sports and physical activities.


We impart Islamic education and values education by focusing on “turbeaat” – “living their lives by the values they believe in” and provide an environment where everyone enjoys living the values, they believe in.

What type of students can stay in the boarding institutions?

From grade 6 – grade 12
Who are aged between 11 and 18.
Who have passed our internal Admission Test with high marks. Passing marks shall be determined by Hamidiye Foundation and may vary from year to year.
Who are free of health issues, are healthy, come from healthy families, and pass our medical exam.
Whose parents who are able to pay at least a part of their child’s fees.

Family Background

  • Parent’s income, profession or social status – not important.
  • Parents ability to pay full boarding school fees – not important.
  • Parent’s education level – not important.
  • Family background (family size, number of siblings etc.) – not important.
  • Children may come from rural or urban areas.

Student Selection Process

Every year Hamidiye Foundation will run an Admission Test to offer a place to the deserving students. HF will contact the students who pass the test for a selection interview. After the interview is conducted, successful students will be sent an offer letter.

Why should parents send their best sons and daughters to us?

Our scholarship program covers boarding and lodging costs. Separate scholarships are also available to pay a part of children’s school and college tuition fees. The amount of scholarship can vary from child to child, and is based on the parent’s “ability to pay”.

Conducting Admission Tests

  • All applicants will be informed of time and location for admission tests.
  • All admission tests will be carried out within a short period of time of each other so that we can review performance of all applicants before deciding who to accept.
  • You can get detailed information about these projects and support our students.